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A support page for peeps living with Bipolar Disorder, Brain fog, Anxiety & Depression by a Melbourne gal who has been battling these demons for 40 years. The more we talk about our "invisible" struggles, the more the stigmas will lift. They have to…………….. don't they? PLEASE SHARE MY BLOG, ADD YOUR COMMENTS & TELL US YOUR STORY..

11. Never stop learning

Sorry I’ve been away for a while. I’ve been dealing with some “life stuff”. You know the drill!

Sometimes everything is just too hard. I fucking hate dealing with impaired mental health. The effort it takes to get through a normal day can be ridiculous.

But like most shitty parts of life there’s a bright side. The lessons I’ve learned about this condition from personal experience is phenomenal. Living with this has taught me much more than anyone can learn from a text book. It has armed me with tools to help other anxiety & depression “newbies” in their search for understanding and hope. It’s helped me help my friends. It’s shown me tolerance for people with their own afflictions. I’ve learned compassion, endurance, to savour the little moments. It has enriched me in many ways that I would never have experienced without this b.a.d. halo life.

Don’t get me wrong – I would trade this condition for a brain that does what I tell it to any day! Living with depression and anxiety is frustrating, embarrassing, humiliating, confusing; it hurts us deeply; it hurts the ones we love, the ones we rely on the most to get us through the despair.

But it’s a teacher and it’s up to us to either play hooky & skip class, or sit up and take notice of what it has to offer. Never stop learning. You never know who you can help with your knowledge… Maybe you’ll just help yourself, but aren’t you worth it?

We all are xx


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