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5. The Mood & the Food

I don’t know about you but over the past year or so I’ve been getting visits from the chocolate fairy. She sneaks into my wardrobe at night and shrinks all of my clothes! So after one too many visits from that little biartch I decided to go to a Nutritionist to try and lose some weight.

I was advised to eliminate processed foods & most grains from my diet, take high-dose Vitamin D supplements and up the “good fats”, especially coconut oil.  Not one to do anything by halves, I chucked out most stuff in my Pantry and completely changed my eating habits overnight. Screw you chocolate fairy!

My partner also changed his diet to support me.

He’s lost 11kg.

I’ve lost my keys, my phone, more of my mind and maybe 2kg max.

However, it wasn’t until this week that I looked back and realised something amazing. For around 3-4 months I’ve had very few depressive symptoms. To be honest I think my low moods have been that of a NORMAL person! (You know, the “normal” that society expects us to be). I’ve still had my share of ups, but very little downs.

For the cynics, yes this could be pure coincidence. But the more I read the more I’m seeing a correlation between my dietary history & my mood state. I’m talking 25 years worth of history.

Have any of you guys had a similar experience? I know the whole “paleo” fad has been very popular (and has proved not so healthy in some respects). How about dropping sugar? Have you had any success treating your illness with dietary changes? Any epic fails? Any OMG give-me-some-fucking-chocolate moments? Or like me, are you just ready to hunt down that frigging fairy?


6 comments on “5. The Mood & the Food

  1. Joanne Sheldrick
    May 6, 2015

    Hi Kris,
    Love your blog! What is it with that f**king chocolate fairy?? You do know that she only visits us mums who are going crazy with kids! im sure she leaves us white choc with bubbles to calm us all down, and to be honest it makes me feel great but my bum hates it hehehe. Go the frig away chocolate fairy!!
    Love ya work Kris
    Jo xxxxx


  2. badhalolife
    May 8, 2015

    I know! She’s pure evil…. but jesus that gorgeous chocolatey goodness that she tempts us with is worth it at the time! Tasty, tasty calories!

    Mmmmm…. chocolate!


  3. Sid
    May 31, 2015

    I’ve become a Sarah Wilson groupie – I quit sugar. It actually wasn’t hard for me (you can hate me for saying that) but it’s definitely changed how my daughter and I look at food and what we ingest. Sarah, by the way, has the best homemade chocolate recipe in her first book. If the chocolate fairy does hit me up, I’m ready to go with a zero-fructose sweet treat that leaves me feeling no guilt! Now what can I do about that freakin’ red wine fairy??????


    • badhalolife
      May 31, 2015

      Haha trade the red wine for vodka and you’ll be just fine 😁


  4. Christen
    June 1, 2015

    Hey hon have you stumbled across Quirky Cooking? Look her up on FB, she has done a you tube series on GAPS – I haven’t watched much of it but its all about healing through food and how our Gut health impacts our mental health. Her son came down with debilitating anxiety out of nowhere and she’s used food along with the normal avenues to help heal. I too love Sarah Wilson and quitting sugar made me feel amazing 2 years ago but to be honest it didn’t last. But I think thats because I haven’t been consistent enough with it and I eat WAY too many refined carbs which end up just acting like sugar in the body anyway. But I’m a firm believer now that food can have a massive effect on our mind and energy levels 🙂


    • badhalolife
      June 1, 2015

      I totally agree Christen! My mood state has been great since I changed my diet. However I have forgotten to take my Vitamin D for the past 2 weeks & have been eating way too much chocolate.. needless to say I suffered a big slump this week. Back on the good stuff now!!


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