B.A.D. halo life

A support page for peeps living with Bipolar Disorder, Brain fog, Anxiety & Depression by a Melbourne gal who has been battling these demons for 40 years. The more we talk about our "invisible" struggles, the more the stigmas will lift. They have to…………….. don't they? PLEASE SHARE MY BLOG, ADD YOUR COMMENTS & TELL US YOUR STORY..

3. Good evening

Good evening gorgeous people!

Well I’m up to chapter three in my marvellous BAD halo life blog. Exciting times! However so far it’s all been about lil ole me. Me, me, me!! I’d be twisting the truth if said I was unhappy with this outcome though – I’m finding out pretty early on that telling my own story is quite cathartic. Hey, who doesn’t like to bang on about themselves from time to time? LOL

However the whole reason I set up this page was to offer support. Not so much for myself, but for other people who suffer from mental illness. Incidentally I really do hate that phrase “mental illness”… can we abbreviate it perhaps? As in “M.I.”…. mi….. Look! “Me” again!

But enough about me… for now anyway…

I’d love for you to share your stories with me and the rest of my followers. Seriously, what made you follow my blog? What was it that made you sit up and take notice? Are you here on purpose? Or were you searching for porn and clicked the wrong key?

Please add your comments below….

(unless it’s about porn. Then at least wait until Chapter 5 ok!)


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